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Buildings covered in Second Stage
Works related to the fort
1) Temple of Flag (Dhvaj Mandir)
The flag bastion situated on the eastern end of Pratapgad is the most famous part. We see this bastion while going up, walking on the fort and descending down. This bastion is the main attraction for the visitors. In the first stage the parapet wall and flag platform with flag are completed. The armour wall is being repaired.

The Dhvaj Mandir or Temple of flag will be constructed over the platform on flag bastion on which the saffron flag is hoisted. The temple will have a decorative wooden ceiling supported on four decorative pillars with attractive arches. The roof will be of mangalore tiles. The pillars and arches will be casted in alloy of aluminium with exterior surface finished like wood.

The saffron flag of Marathas reminds the visitors of the great ability of Shivaray and the velour of the Marathas. The flag temple will denote that the flag is a sacred symbol of the Marathas. The temple will be in continuous worship and will be kept clean and holy.

2) Sadar or the Royal Court -
There is a plinth of a building just inside the door of Citadel. In Shivarayas time the sadar or Royal court was standing on this plinth. This building of about 1400 square feet was an important structure on the fort. This was the main court to carry out many important works. The Royal court was held in this building. Many functions such as court of justice, felicitating soldiers and saints, declaring important decisions and visiting important persons were used to be performed in this building.

The nature of work to be done here is to erect the Royal court again. After studying the structures in Shivarayas times the plan of this building is being prepared.

This building will have decorative pillars erected over stone pedestals and provided with arches. Ceiling will be of wooden beams and planks and roof of mangalore tiles. The front pillars and the pillars around Shivarayas sitting place will be more decorative casted in alloy of aluminium. Shivarayas stature will be established in this building.

The building will be decorated with curtains, lamps and mattresses.
This building will remind the visitors of the Royal court of Shivaray

3) Doors of the fort -

There are three major doors to Pratapgad, the main door, the old door and the door of citadel. Instead of these doors Pratapgad has six secret doors. Only the main door has wooden shutters for provision of closing. This door is in a bad condition. The wooden shutters of the old door, the door of citadel and the six secret doors are completely ruined.

In the project the shutters of main door will be repaired and the other doors will be fitted with good quality teak wood shutters.
A lot of teak wood needs to be used while making these shutters so as to suit the old times. Also maintaining these doors will be an important task.

The construction of the door structures in the first stage and fixing shutters in the second stage of Pratapgad project will give completion to the doors.

4) Pathway on the fort -
The existing pathway in use is from Mahadarvaja to the statue of Shivaray in citadel. This pathway is fitted with checkered ceramic tiles which are broken at many places. Also these tiles does not match will the historical look of Pratapgad.

Removing these checkered tiles and fixing black stone flooring and steps will be the proper work here. Completing the existing pathway in this manner and building some more pathway will help the visitors to reach the all important places on Pratapgad.

The proposed pathways are from Bhavani temple to the tank bastion, from statue to Kadelot point, from statue to Redka bastion and from statue to Yashwant bastion. The existing pathway goes by the side of old door. Instead of this new pathway will be built going through the old door towards Nagarjkhana and Bhavani temple.

This will help the visitors to see the fort completely and conveniently.

5) Cannons -
Cannon was an important weapon in Shivarayas times. They were the main weapons in the defence system of a fort. The threat of cannons was useful to stop the enemy at a long distance from fort.

Now-a-days only three or four broken cannons quite small in size are there to see on Pratapgad. Cannons used in Shivarayas times have vanished completely.

It will be an important work to fit and place the cannons on the spot made for them in the rampart wall and on the bastions. These cannons will be made same as the old ones with mild steel. The visitors will understand the most important factor of defence system when these cannons are placed on the fort.

Fixing small, medium and large cannons of different types such as mounded, ringed and circular firing cannons will help in giving the fort its look as it was in Shivarayas times.

6) Information Boards -
Fitting information boards at different places on Pratapgad will help the tourists to see the fort and the boards will provide useful information to visitors. Maps of the fort, names of various structures and important information of structures will be given by the information boards. Boards indicating directions will also be useful.

These boards will be fitted on strong supports founded in concrete. The prints of information will be fixed on acrylic sheets and a layer of fibre resin will be applied over it. This will make the boards attractive and durable. These boards will be fitted so as not to obstruct the structures or affecting the beauty of fort.

7) Front elevations of shops, hotels and residences -
There are houses of the servants of the fort on Pratapgad who are dwelling on the fort right from the period of Shivaray. Some shops and hotels are run by the local people on Pratapgad. These houses and shops are adjacent to the pathway made for the visitors. These shops and houses are made of steel pipes, sheets, thick plastic and other papers. This ruins the view of Pratapgad as an historical monument.

The front elevations of these shops and houses will be decorated with pillar, arches, stone steps and the walls will have paintings reminding of old times. To make the look to suit old times any thing that looks modern will be hidden behind this elevations.

Modern buildings -
It is important to provide various facilities to the visitors alongwith information and entertainment. The importance and specialities of historical structures and the inspiring history should be presented in different manners to underline the need of conservation. For this purpose various buildings are to be built. This part of project includes museums, libraries, exhibition of photographs of forts, models of forts, auditorium, tourist residences etc.

The outside of these building will have an elevation in harmony with the old times. The exterior of these buildings will be constructed in black stones. The roof also should match the building so mangalore tiles can be used for roofs/ Interiors of these building will be modern and well equipped. Important buildings will have generators for alternative electric supply.

1) Toilets -
There are no public toilets on Pratapgad. It causes inconvenience to the visitors and especially the ladies. Considering large area of Pratapgad separate toilets for gents and ladies will be built at suitable places. Six such units are proposed in the project and the toilets will have two waterclosets one bathroom and wash basins in each unit.

2) Tourist Residences
There is only one rest house of P.W.D. with three rooms is available on Pratapgad. This is not adequate for the number of visitors coming to see Pratapgad. The expense of residence at Mahabaleshwar and Poladpur and also the distance of them from Pratapgad is inconvenient for the tourists. Keeping in view the future growth of tourism, enough rooms should be made available on Pratapgad.

The proposed tourist home should have spacious suits and rooms with attached toilets, rooms with common toilet and dormitories in it. Alongwith this a kitchen and managers residence will be necessary here

3) Water Supply Tank
There is only one water storage tank on Pratapgad of 40,000 litre capacity. This tank can not fulfil the need of water on Pratapgad.
In the project a tank with 1,00,000 litres capacity will be built. The water supply system alongwith pump house will be erected. This tank will be enough for the need of water over Pratapgad.
4) Drainage system
The drainage system for new buildings alongwith the existing houses and other building will be made to dispose the sewage water properly. Drainage chambers, pipelines, soak pits and septic tanks will be provided to all buildings and the dirtiness will be cleared off.

5) Water harvesting
Water of the huge rainfall over Pratapgad can be utilised with rain water harvesting system. According to the ‘Shivkalin’ water storage scheme of Maharashtra Government underground tanks will be built at proper places to store rain water. Alongwith this cleaning the tanks, preventing any leakages from tanks and increasing the capacity of tanks will be done to fulfill the need of water over Pratapgad.

6) Gardens
There is only one small garden near Shivarayas statue on Pratapgad. The tourists does not have open space to sit, have meals relax elsewhere. Also the children with the visitors also should have place for playing. For this purpose gardens will be created at different places on Pratapgad.

The soil recovered after the excavation of debris on rampart walls and on other structures will be used for gardens, plantation of trees and cultivating vegetables.

These gardens will surely add to the beauty of fort. Flowers required for the worship of different deities on Pratapgad can be produced from these gardens. These gardens will be entertaining places for adults as well as children.

7) Tourist Points
While constructing the parapet wall of flag bastion in the first stage of Pratapgad project arrangement for sitting for the visitors is made. This helps tourists for a rest and to enjoy the scenery and view of the fort relaxedly.

Considering the large area of Pratapgad, tourist points will be created at important spots. Visitors can seat here and have a good look of the fort and view of nature alongwith having rest. The spot will be selected properly and arrangement for sitting and shed will be made.

8) Museum
History can be experienced through various historical objects, articles, weapons etc. alongwith the historical structures. At a place of historical importance, such as Pratapgad, it will be essential to have a museum. So a Museum will be erected on Pratapgad.

In this Museum history will come alive through different exhibits. These will include various weapons, coins, paintings and portraits, objects of daily use, maps of important battles, things found on forts etc. Duplicates or replicas of important things will also be displayed.

The display arrangement, decoration, lighting, maintenance and security will be of standard type in this Museum.

9) Exhibition of forts
One hall dedicated totally for the subject of forts will be prepared. The photographs of forts of the Marathas in Maharashtra and outside of Maharashtra will be displayed with necessary information in Marathi, hindi and English language. Types of forts, different structures on forts, the specialities of forts, list of forts, maps showing location of forts and other information will be displayed in this hall. Distances of forts from major cities and facilities of meals and residences available nearby will be provided for the visitors. This will help in increasing the number of visitors to other forts.

Models of important forts of the Marathas will be displayed in this unit. This will help for the publicity of forts.

In this unit and in the museum books, photographs, CDs etc. will be made available for the visitors by Mybhavani trust. Information of other important tourist places alongwith forts will be available here for the tourists.

10) Audience Hall
A audience hall for various functions, events and seminars etc. will be constructed on Pratapgad. This hall can be given for use to the local people for their family functions and the Gram Panchayat of Vada-Kumbhroshi can use it for official works such as meetings etc. Different cultural programmes, workshops, speeches of famous persons can also be organised in this hall. Office of Mybhavani trust will be set in this hall.

11) Underground electric supply
The present electricity supply system is irrelevant with the historical form of fort. The supply wires obstruct the view as well as the net of these wires does not suit the look of fort. In Pratapgad project the electric supply will be through underground cables. With the co-operation of M.S.E.B and expert electrical contractors this work will be done. Different buildings proposed in the second stage of the project will have underground electric supply. The pathway on the fort will have decorative street lamps and the important structure will have special lighting arrangements.

12) Library, Internet and Tourist Information centre
A separate building will be constructed for Library, Internet facility and Tourist information centre. The library will provide the visitors a number of books on History of the Marathas, Shivarayas work, forts and other historical places and many other subjects related to maratha history.

Tourists will have internet facility in this centre to stay connected to the information they need. The Tourist Information Centre will provide information about tourism and will guide them with important information about tourist places in Maharashtra alongwith forts.

13) Shivashrusti (Sculptures on Shivarayas life)
The famous and inspiring incidents in Shivarayas life will be shown through sculptures. The visitors will get information about Shivarayas great work through this exhibition.

The sculptures will be made of metal or fibre and required information will be displayed in Marathi, Hindi and English language alongwith the sculptures. This Shivashrusti will make the visitors feel like history coming above and will make a deep impression on their minds.

The area around Shivarayas statue in citadel will be an ideal place for Shivashrusti. Space about 200 feet long and 10 feet wide will be enough for this work. Display arrangement and sculptures will be the two major parts of Shivashrusti.

14) Road widening and Parking
The road leading from Vada village to Pratapgad is of 4 km length and only 15 to 18 feet wide. This road has a number of sharp and steep turns. Truck with full load can not reach the fort due to this condition.
This road will have to be made of 30 feet width for easy and safe traffic.
The existing parking can not accommodate the vehicles of visitors and these vehicles are parked on road side causing trouble. To end this inconvenience a big parking will be made near the existing parking.

For these works co-operation of PWD and forest department had to be taken. Considering the growth in the number of visitors in future this is a major work to be done.

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